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To submit your temporary residency application in person, simply visit one of the IOM Canadian Visa Application Centres in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Should you live outside Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and wish to submit your visa application and payment by mail, rather than visiting a centre, please click here.

Trained centre staff will do their best to ensure that applications submitted, are complete applications and that all required supporting documentation is attached and translated into English or French as required. Incomplete applications will only be accepted if the "Acknowledgment of Incomplete Application Form" is signed and submitted. For details on how to properly complete applications and what supporting documentation is required, please click here.

For further information regarding visiting or migrating to Canada, including printable application forms, please visit the CIC website at:

For Vietnam specific information, including the addresses of the Embassy of Canada and Consulate General in Vietnam, operating hours, the application lodgment process, visa processing charges, documentary requirements and standard processing times, these can be found on the Canada in Vietnam website at:

With the submission of your visa application either in person, or by mail, the Canadian visa processing fee must be paid with original proof of payment submitted with your application. Please reference the "Fees" page of this website for details related to Canadian processing fees and methods of payment or click here .

At both centres, please note that in addition to the Canadian visa processing fee, an IOM service fee will be also charged (payable in cash, US Dollars only, non-refundable) as follows:

A US $15 service fee charged per passport, capped at three passports per application submitted for family rate; with the exception of Travel Document (Permanent Resident Abroad) application submissions and all applications submitted by Official Vietnam passport holders, for which the service fee charged will be US $5 per passport submitted.

For all applications submitted by Vietnam Diplomatic passport holders, no service fee will be charged.

In cases where children (under 18 years of age) are included in the passport of a parent, one service fee of US $15 will be charged per adult (18 years of age and above) passport holder only.

For applications submitting applications and payment by mail, payment terms differ, please reference the "Fees" page of this website for details.

In order to check on the location of your application once it has been submitted, please go to the "Track Your Application" page of this website rather than calling or visiting one of the centres. Due to Canadian and IOM privacy regulations, IOM can only provide case specific information over the telephone or by e-mail to the applicant.


There is no change in the immigration rules and the decision making process for the granting of Canadian Temporary Resident, Study Permit and Transit visas remains with the Consulate General of Canada in Vietnam. The Canadian Visa Application Centres, operated by IOM, are an administrative arm, assisting the Government of Canada and its clients with information dissemination, application submission and fee collection only.

IOM Vietnam has absolutely no role, whatsoever, in the assessment of Canadian visa applications, which is the sole prerogative of The Consulate General of Canada (CIC) in Vietnam.


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